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Grease Trap Cleaning and Pumping Services

Welcome to A-1 Grease Trap Cleaning, we are your go-to grease trap cleaning company for the Food & Beverage industry. We are a Family Owned & Operated Business with over 30 years of experience in Sacramento & South Placer Counties! We take pride in what we do and enjoy being a part of your business's on-going grease trap cleaning and maintenance solutions. We work with your business hours and make the process as discreetly as possible. Our Mini-Pumper gets any grease trap running efficiently without running dirty ugly hoses in your commercial kitchen?

We meet ALL regulated requirements and submit YOUR invoice for compliance to all municipalities.

Aaron Serrano
Aaron Serrano
Great crew. Called them out in an emergency and they responded promptly and professionally. We were outside of their service area but the owner Rick and his son drove a truck down to get us out of a tough spot. Appreciate you guys. Reasonable pricing even for a call on the weekend. Will call again for service if ever in need. They service the Sacramento area. Thanks again Rick.
Stephen Layton
Stephen Layton
I am a new customer to A-1 Grease Trap Cleaning and I have to say that of all the companies I have worked with they set themselves apart by providing some of the best customer service I can recall. Every single person in the organization is kind, courteous, professional and they do an amazing job. I needed help on my project quickly and they were able to help me out. They made a special trip to my shop and took care of everything. In a world where great service is not the norm, A-1 provides 5/5 service with every interaction. I would highly recommend them if anyone need anything. We will certainly be long-term customers. Thank you A-1 Grease Trap Cleaning!
Joshua Ryder
Joshua Ryder
Rick Fitzgerald is the most professional, courteous man I have ever met. He is patient and explains what he is doing if you ask questions. He goes the extra mile and really cares about the quality of his work. I highly recommend him and A-1 Grease Trap Cleaning to anyone looking for a good cleaning. Plus his prices are amazing too.
Gianlucca Vacchi
Gianlucca Vacchi
It was a holiday and Charlie came to fix the clogged pipe / sewer very fast and he did a great job. He is very honest and he charges fairly. Definitely I will recommend him to friends and I will use his services again.



Grease Trap Cleaning and Pumping

Avoid Fines

A dirty grease trap is very hazardous to the environment and to the health of people in its vicinity. We meet your local municipalities' regulations.

Prevent Odors

Besides being a health hazard, rotten materials in the trap will cause horrendous odors that will surround your establishment.

Improve Safety

A poorly maintained grease trap can seriously compromise a kitchen's indoor air quality and could also catch fire if it gets too full.

Reduce Liability

If regulatory authorities identify a restaurant as the source of grease spills, it may lead to a significant fine.

Prevent Systems Malfunctions

Your whole plumbing system can be affected by a dirty grease trap, causing clogs and allowing waste materials to flow back through the drains.

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