At Digital Magnet, our goal is to make our clients stand apart from the day to day barrage of media that consumers and potential clients face. With over 25 years of experience, we have delivered results based on a client-centric approach. We begin with a strong foundation of understanding our clients' needs, goals, and expectations. From there, we can develop creative ideas and solutions that will help deliver outstanding results, setting you apart from your competitors. We keep our clients in step with every move and idea we create, providing complete transparency and tracking.

We are dedicated to:

  • Fully understanding our clients' business and the needs of the business.
  • Finding creative, well-executed, and innovative solutions to reach targeted goals.
  • Providing metrics and transparent results for all ad campaigns.
  • Create long term growth for each and every client.
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Creative Development

Our methodology for creating successful campaigns starts with our clients. Thorugh a step by step process, we can develop a complete strategic marketing plan that will deliver results and meet your company's expectations.


Communication is the key. Through a systematic approach, we seek to understand the client's objectives and goals from day one.


We look at everything from what differentiates a client from it's competitors to positioning in the market. Our goal is uncovering the best strategy.


Creating fresh and focused content is the key to standing out above the rest. We deliver innovative and engaging strategies that fit budget and objectives.


Accountability and analytics are necessary in a go-to-market strategy. We provide comprehensive reports to gauge the success and ROI with every campaign.

Integrated Marketing 1


Establishing trust and building client loyalty is at the core foundation of Digital Magnet. We are passionate about our clients and the health of their business. We specialize in putting together integrated advertising and marketing plans that drive results and create a lasting presence.


Integrated Marketing: An approach to create and unify a seamless experience for customers and clients to interact with a business or brand. The approach melds all aspects of advertising and marketing into a consistent message.

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